Orange Zone

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HeadRock VR Orange Zone - Jungle Rafting

Jungle Rafting

Hang tight for an ultimate jungle rafting ride through rapid descents while you escape from a T-Rex.

Type   Extreme, Adventure
No. Player   4
Riding Time   5 min

HeadRock VR Orange Zone - Extreme Train

Extreme Train

Hop on for a ride up to a secret treasure island in the sides.

Type   Extreme, Adventure
No. Player   8
Riding Time   5 min

HeadRock VR Orange Zone - Horror Room

Horror Room

Escape from a haunted house deep in the amazon forest or from witches and zombies with the hell rider.

Type   Horror, Adventure
No. Player   4
Riding Time   4.5 min

HeadRock VR Orange Zone - Skyscraper


Head up a skyscraper and overcome high altitudes to battle it out with enemy robots.

Type   Extreme, Action
No. Player   1
Riding Time   4 min

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