Blue Zone

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HeadRock VR Blue Zone - Storm Blizzard

Storm Blizzard

Brave the blizzard and ride through snow covered roads on a dog sled.

Type   Extreme, Adventure
No. Player   4
Riding Time   5 min

HeadRock VR Blue Zone - Jump Jump

Jump Jump

Jump your way through the jungle like a Tarzan in the jungle adventure.

Type   Extreme, Adventure
No. Player   1
Riding Time   4 min

HeadRock VR Blue Zone - Beat Saber

Beat Saber

Slash the beat to the rhythm of our handcrafted music

Type   Rhythm, Action
No. Player   2
Riding Time   6 min

HeadRock VR Blue Zone - Flying Dive

Flying Dive

Feel the thrill of jumping into magma for an out of this world experience.

Type   Extreme, Adventure
No. Player   2
Riding Time   3 min

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