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Adventure Cove Waterpark will remain temporarily suspended until further notice.
All sales and renewal of Annual and Season Passes are temporarily suspended until further notice.

General FAQs

  1. How and where can I buy Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets?
    You may do so online at or on-site at the Adventure Cove Waterpark ticketing counters or any or any Resorts World Sentosa ticketing counters located at Universal Studios Singapore, and RWS Ticketing and Membership Hub.

  2. Can I buy tickets on the same day that I wish to visit Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Yes, but please note that tickets are subject to availability should you choose to purchase them on the day of visit.

    Ticket booths operate as follows:
    Ticket sales start 30 minutes before park opening
    Ticket sales end at park closing time

    Ticketing booths’ operating hours are subject to changes due to park operating hours. Please check our visitor's Information for details on your chosen day of visit.

  3. Are there different prices for different days?
    There are no differences in prices but due to the Adventure Cove Waterpark limited capacity, tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Do note that tickets are dated i.e. Tickets bought for the 4th of March 2019 is only valid on 4th of March 2019. Terms and conditions apply.

  4. Why is there a discrepancy in ticket prices bought online and on-site?
    This could be due to promotions exclusive to online purchases only.

  5. Are there Stay-and-Play packages which include hotel stays and Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets?
    Visit or check with your local travel agents for the latest promotions and packages to suit your holiday needs.

  6. I am staying at one of the hotels at Resorts World Sentosa, how do I purchase Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets?
    You can get tickets from the hotel concierge desk or at any attraction ticketing counters outside Universal Studios Singapore and Adventure Cove Waterpark, or at the RWS Ticketing and Membership Hub. Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets before arrival at the hotels via to avoid disappointment.

  7. Are hotel guests guaranteed tickets to Adventure Cove WaterPark?
    Tickets for hotel guests are on a first-come-first-served basis. We would encourage guests to book their tickets when they make their room reservations.

  8. Do I have to pay extra to visit the attractions in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Once inside Adventure Cove Waterpark, all attractions are included in your admission ticket, except the Ray Bay experience and rental of Cabanas, which vary in costs. To enquire on the availability of these offerings, please visit the Guest Services Counters located inside the park upon arrival.

  9. What are the preferred modes of payment?
    For your convenience, a variety of payment methods are accepted including cash, credit/debit cards, NETS and China Union Pay (CUP). The types of credit/debit cards which are accepted are VISA, Mastercard, JCB and American Express (AMEX).

  10. Are tickets transferable?
    Tickets are not transferable and must be used by the same person throughout the day.

  11. Are tickets refundable?
    We regret to inform you that tickets sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

  12. I lost my ticket(s) and I forgot the confirmation number of my ticket(s). Is there a way to retrieve it?
    If you purchased your ticket via, please visit the Group Sales Counter so that your unused ticket can be reprinted. You will be required to present the credit card used for the purchase and a photo identification card for verification. If your tickets were purchased on-site and you are able to produce proof of purchase, you may proceed to the Group Sales Counter for assistance.

  13. Can I leave and re-enter Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Adventure Cove Waterpark admission is valid for an entire day. If you need to leave Adventure Cove Waterpark, please obtain a re-entry handstamp at the exit. A valid handstamp and ticket are required for re-entry. For special events, terms & conditions apply.

  14. I am unable to make it to Adventure Cove Waterpark and have decided to visit it another day. Will I be able to do so?
    Please note Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets are date specific .Confirmed transactions cannot be cancelled, refunded, or amended under any circumstances.

  15. Is there a way to skip the regular queue?
    You can skip the regular queue by purchasing the Adventure Express. Adventure Express is valid for Rainbow Reef, Riptide Rocket and Dueling Racer. It is valid for one (1) admission for each attraction. The Adventure Express pass can only be purchased onsite. Adventure Express charges are based on the chosen date of visit.

  16. What should I wear in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Please refer to Adventure Cove Waterpark’s Swimwear Policy.

  17. Can I bring my own flotation device or wetsuit?
    For the safety of our guests, swim masks are not permitted inside Adventure Cove Waterpark. However, basic swim goggles and baby aided floating devices are permitted. Flotation device for adults and life jackets for adults and children are available free of charge in the waterpark.

In Adventure Cove Waterpark

  1. What are the operating hours for Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Adventure Cove Waterpark operating hours are from 10am to 6pm daily. Please check our visitor's Information for details on your chosen day to visit. Do note that attraction operation hours are subject to change.

  2. Will Adventure Cove Waterpark be closed during heavy downpours or thunderstorms?
    For the safety of our guests and team members in the event of severe weather with lightning, all outdoor attractions in Adventure Cove Waterpark may close temporarily.

  3. Will I be able to get a refund on my ticket(s) should Adventure Cove Waterpark be closed in the case of bad weather?
    Adventure Cove Waterpark does not close based on weather conditions. Therefore, tickets are non-refundable.

  4. Will I be able to bring in food and drinks into Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Food and drinks from outside Adventure Cove Waterpark are not permitted inside the Waterpark, except Baby food, formulas and food for guests with special dietaries. Bag checks will be conducted at the entry. We offer a variety of fresh and delicious food for our guests to enjoy at our restaurants and concession stands inside Adventure Cove Waterpark.
  5. What are the preferred modes of payment within the Waterpark?
    We accept cash, NETS, China Union pay (CUP), major credit and debit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, JCB and American Express.

  6. What should I do if I feel unwell?
    First Aid is available inside Adventure Cove Waterpark under the Whirlpool Washout attraction. If you fall ill during your visit, please approach any team member for assistance.

  7. What should I do if I realised I lost something?
    Please approach our Team Members at the location where you may have left the item. You can also visit the Guest Services Counters and enquire about your lost articles. Resorts World Sentosa and Adventure Cove Waterpark assume no responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged articles.

  8. Are there age, height or weight restrictions for the attractions in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    For safety purposes, there are height, weight, and/or health restrictions for various attractions. Please check our Rider's Guide for more information on the safety guidelines posted at each attraction prior to riding.

  9. Are there facilities for guests with disabilities in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Here's a Rider's Guide which explains boarding procedures and specific information relating to each attraction.

  10. Are lockers available for rent?
    Yes, a one-time locker fee allows unlimited access during your entire day of visit. Lockers are available in Small (360mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) and Large (910mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) sizes. Costs of the lockers for daily rentals are SGD10 (Small) and SGD20 (Large) during park operating hours. 

  11. Are there shower facilities in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    There are both indoor and outdoor shower facilities. Indoor shower facilities are available in the male and female washrooms.

  12. Will there be tubes/flotation devices/ life jackets provided in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Tubes are provided for select attractions and for guests to use in the Adventure River. Guests may also obtain a personal flotation jacket for use at Bluwater Bay or the Adventure River subject to availability. Personal Flotation Jackets are required and provided for guests who wish to experience Rainbow Reef. Restrictions applies regarding the use of personal flotation devices on select slides and attractions.

  13. Are there nursing rooms and baby centres within Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Baby Care Centres are located at the entrance plaza (near the lockers area) and Grotto level 2.

  14. Is smoking allowed in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Smoking is permitted at designated smoking areas only. These designated areas are also indicated on Adventure Cove Waterpark guide map.

  15. Can children under the age of 13 visit Adventure Cove Waterpark by themselves?
    We advise all visitors under the age of 13 years to be accompanied by an adult.

  16. What is the type of water used in Adventure Cove Waterpark pools?
    Water in the pools contains either sea water or chlorinated water.

F & B

  1. Are there any restaurants inside Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    There is a Bay Restaurant in the park.

  2. Are there Halal-certified restaurants within Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    There is a selected food cart that is Halal-certified in the park. There are no Halal–certified restaurants in the park. The Bay Restaurant have food options without pork, but it is not a Halal-certified restaurant. You can find Halal-certified dine-in options within Universal Studios Singapore, at Malaysian Food Street and at The Forum, B1.

  3. Are there vegetarian options available in the Park?
    Yes, our outlets offer vegetarian as well as healthier choices.

  4. Is it possible for parties and conventions to be held within Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Yes. Please contact our MICE Sales Representatives through email at for any event needs.

  5. Are there food carts in and around Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Yes, there are, and these carts offer a wide variety of food choices.


  1. Am I allowed to take photographs within Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Feel free to take as many pictures as you would like. There are also photographers located within the Waterpark to assist with capturing your lasting memories. However, please note that production cameras are not allowed inside the Waterpark.

  2. Are pets and animals allowed within Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    No pets or animals are allowed within our premises, with the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities. Please note that while service animals are permitted inside the Waterpark, they are not permitted to enter any of the water attractions or play areas.

  3. Where can I obtain an Adventure Cove Waterpark Map?
    You can download the Adventure Cove Waterpark Map or they are available onsite as well as the main entrance.

  4. Are there any gift shops?
    Yes, there is a gift shop, Reef N Wave Wear located at the entrance/exit of Adventure Cove Waterpark.

  5. If I am a guest in Adventure Cove Waterpark, am I entitled to complimentary parking?
    Complimentary parking does not apply to in-park guests.

  6. Where is Adventure Cove Waterpark located?
    Adventure Cove Waterpark is located in Resorts World Sentosa, within Sentosa Island. Island admission charges still apply.

  7. How do I get to Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Adventure Cove Waterpark is located on Sentosa Island, guests visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark can get to Sentosa via several ways:

    • By Walking:
      Guests can opt for a leisurely 10 minutes stroll into Sentosa via the Sentosa Boardwalk. Admission into the island is SGD1 per entry by this mode of entry. After passing through the gantries, look out for signs pinpointing Adventure Cove Waterpark’s location.

    • By Buses:
      RWS 8 is a public bus service which will bring guests directly into Resorts World for a SGD2 fee (Guests need not pay for the island admission if they are entering Sentosa via RWS 8). The disembarkation point would be outside the RWS Casino. There are two boarding locations for the bus (outside of Vivo City, and Merill Lynch Building).

    • By Sentosa Express:
      Sentosa Express is located on Level 3 of Vivo City. Guests are required to pay SGD4 for this mode of admission. The Sentosa Express Tickets can be bought at the Sentosa counters located right outside the Sentosa Express gantries.

    • By Car:
      If you enter via RWS B1 car park, only car park charges apply.
      If you enter via Sentosa gantry, Sentosa Island admission and car park charges apply.

  8. Does Adventure Cove Waterpark have a child swap policy?
    Unfortunately, we do not have such a policy but guests with children who are too young to experience Adventure Cove Waterpark are encouraged to use Kids Club! located at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. Find out more information regarding the activities and costs to participate in Kids Club!

  9. Are beach towels provided in Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    We regret to inform you that we do not provide beach towels in Adventure Cove Waterpark.

  10. Do you have Cabana or VIP services available at Adventure Cove Waterpark?
    Cabanas are available for rental, on a first come, first serve basis.