Recipe | How to Make Your Own Sangria


Here’s a fancy cocktail you can make at home! Featuring an assortment of fresh fruits such as blackberries, strawberries and pomegranate, this refreshing summer drink is perfect for the warm weather. The best part? It’s really easy to put together too. 



750ml Red Wine
100ml Whiskey
50g Blackberry
50g Strawberry
50g Pomegranate
100g Roseberry
660ml Soda water or Sparkling Rosé or Red Wine
100g Ice
Lemon for garnishing


Wine glass and water jar


Sweet Sundays Sangria 1000x750 3 SM0051

1. Get your ingredients ready. 

Sweet Sundays Sangria 1000x750 4 SM0051

2. Mix all berries into the jar, then pour the red wine and whiskey into the jar. 

3. Leave it in the chiller for at least 3-4 hours — the longer the better.

Sweet Sundays Sangria 1000x750 6 SM0051

4. Add some ice and pour the cocktail into the wine glass. Prepare the lemon slice for garnishing. 

Sweet Sundays Sangria 1000x750 5  SM0051

5. Lastly, pour some soda water or sparkling rosé into the wine glass - the latter will make your Sangria tastier! 

Sweet Sundays Sangria 1000x750 2 SM0051

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